Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So I was going through my blog feeds, and I was sad to see that Olokoth's old blog that dealt with data mined from the armory was dead. I did some googling and found a new blog, that does the same thing, and quite well. I'm kind of totally obsessed.

Their methodology is basically that they have a script that goes through all level 80 characters on the armory, and looks at their spec, and then counts them. The data is then broken down, and you can get all sorts of neat view on the data, broken down by class, race, spec, etc.

They acknowledge that their methodology is somewhat flawed in that:
  • They only look at active spec.
  • They don't distinguish between 2 different types of the same spec (feral kitty is counted the same as feral bear).
  • There's no filter for completely inactive level 80 toons.
  • There's no attempt to separate PvP data from PvE

Still, it's a pretty fun look at the data. Shaman are one of the lowest represented class, although Resto is by far the most popular spec. Elemental is more popular than Enhancement, which surprises me for some reason.

I especially like some of the Shaman specific data. I always wondered how many people were taking things like Improved Reincarnation. I guess now we know: 13%.

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Anonymous said...

I suspect that the reason that Elemental is more popular than Enhancement is that if you are already gearing resto, a lot of your gear can be used for Elemental. Add to that the good possibility that a lot of people are like me (and log out on their elemental spec rather than their resto spec since I usually do a few runs after the raids finish) and you get this result.