Tuesday, February 2, 2010

To 4-piece or not to 4-piece?

It's decision time again, peoples. Back when I made my initial pull list, We were working on Saurfang, and I was considering the first 4 ICC bosses and thinking how underused Chain Heal was. At the time, I couldn't see the value in saving up 160 emblems on top of my 2 piece set bonus to complete the 4 piece set bonus, when I didn't feel like I was even casting Chain Heal that much.

Times have changed. 2 Wings later, we've seen fights like Festergut, Putricide, Blood Princes, and Blood Queen, which featured massive raid damage and pushed aoe healing demands to the limit. Also, early reports for HEP values for the 4 piece set bonus are showing up, and they are quite positive. One report puts it as high as 800 HEP!

I also finally had a full night just healing, so I had a log I felt comfortable passing through my shaman_hep for updated calculations. The summary is here, but the main takeaway is that I have HEP estimations for my trinkets now. My Ephemeral Snowflake clocked in at around 143 HEP for the night and the Sliver of Pure Ice clocked in at around 211 HEP. Their theoretical maximum HEP values are around 276 and 242, respectively, which may mean that I'm just not using the "Use:" effect on the Snowflake very wisely, and I'm using the Sliver's Use effect fairly well.

In either case I've decided to weigh the 4 piece set bonus at something like 400 HEP, until I hear some more concrete numbers. This still offsets the stat bonus of the non-set emblem purchases, so it definitely shifts up my pull list a lot. I won't actually be purchasing anything until I have enough emblems for both the chest and gloves, so I can go directly from tier 9.2 to tier 10.4, so if I find out soon that the numbers are not quite as good, I can change my plan accordingly. Here goes:

Updated Emblem of Frost Pull List
Best Upgrade HEP Cost HEP Upgrade per Badge Current HEP
Frost Witch's Handguards 541.4 60 3.332 Thrall's Handguards of Triumph 341.4
Frost Witch's Tunic 785.7 95 2.98 Thrall's Tunic of Conquest 502
Waistband of Despair 491.8 60 2.89 Darkspear Ritual Binding 318
Earthsoul Boots 512.1 115 1.818 Sabatons of Tortured Space 302.9
Drape of the Violet Tower 289.7 50 1.791 Shawl of the Caretaker 200.2
Purified Lunar Dust 215.2 60 1.95 Ephemeral Snowflake 143.5
Lightning-Infused Leggings 679.3 184 .0922 Leggings of Concealed Hatred 509.5
Totem of Surging Seas 255 30 .7 Totem of Calming Tides 234

The bolded item costs means that I am factoring in part of a set bonus upgrade. The italicized item cost mean that they are primordial saronite costs, and can be bought with alts or money.

Happy hunting, Shaman.


Aristarkh said...

You mistakenly linked Blizzard Keeper's Mitts instead of Frost Witch's Handguards.
Otherwise, thanks for the post.

Zigi said...

Fixed. Thanks!

Rul said...

I've been waffling on this exact thing myself. I'm finding the two piece (shoulders and helm like yourself) to be really useful, but I'm still not sure how good the 4 piece really is, especially in a strict 10-man setting where CH isn't as viable due to a lack of potential jumps.

Of course, it doesn't help that wearing the 4 piece requires intentionally wearing a "bad" item in the gloves. I can understand not having all crit/haste pieces in the set, but it's be nice if they were haste/mp5 instead of crit/mp5. Sigh.

For now, I've put off getting it for a little bit, and focused on getting the totem and belt first. If that 800 HEP holds up, I might need to change that strategy around, but that just seems exceptionally high, and is likely in an ideal situation where CH is consistently bouncing to all 4 targets (i.e. 25-man setting). I have to imagine in 10-man or average settings it's lower.

Auanaghana said...

I closed my tier set yesterday and i tried it....it's awesome. The hot of the chain heal is about 30%-40% of the effective healing of the chain heal....very high..and the best use is with [Revitalizing Skyflare Diamond]. In fights where there is high raid dmg it works very good..trust me :)