Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First night with T10-4

I spent my first night with T10's 4 piece set bonus last night, and I think it was a little bit of a disappointment. The hot accounted for about 3% of my effective healing for the night, which is way less than in some of the parses I'd seen. I think that it's possible that the fights I happened to be healing for last night were generally not chain heal friendly, and I was also mostly tank healing as the other healer was a druid.

I will be more excited to see my stats from tomorrow, when we will be doing Blood Queen, the fight that was built expressly for Chain Heal spam.

Still, I think I probably will be building 2 sets, one for Chain Heal centric fights, and one for Tank healing fights. I have generally resisted building multiple healing sets in the past, due to bag space, and general laziness, but I think the set bonuses and relic effects have become so specific these days that it may still be necessary.


Vixsin said...

Take heart, fellow shaman. Those numbers will look a lot better on BQ. A trick that I happened upon last week--switching between CH-ing through the MT and the OT will further enable you to keep the t10 hot rolling on both (since if you keep healing through just one, the hot will simply continue to stack.)

A shaman with more gear sets than closet space

Zigi said...

Right I actually am totally confused by the mechanics of T10.

So you're saying that multiple instances of the "Chain Heal" hot can be active on the same target? I didn't even think to check that.

I was very worried that I would be overwriting stronger direct chain heal hots with weaker "jumped" hots.

Wugan said...

I definitely agree that the 4 piece bonus varies greatly by the fight. I've had to switch to two different sets, especially because my T10 is all at iLevel 251 at this point, but I can sub in a 264 item for just about every slot. So, I have a slightly more powerful tank or LHW set, and then a slightly underpowered 4 piece set that ends up being better when I'm spamming chain heal.

Zigi said...

So someone on the elitistjerk shaman thread posted a pretty cogent theory about how the t10 hot stacks.

It seems that the hot is like a warrior's "Deep Wounds" or a Mage's Scorch.

If a hot would be reapplied to a target that has an existing hot on them, the balance of the existing hot will be added to the new heal, and spread out of the new 9 second duration. Cooool.