Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sticking to the plan?

So I've been pretty much going along with the planned pull list I laid out about a month ago. I got my shoulders first, which were a solid upgrade, are nearly best in slot for the content I do, and look awesome. The next piece according to my plan was the helm. The thing is, 95 emblems is a lot. A lot a lot. I've been on vacation so I haven't gotten my weekly and dailies in as much as I'd like. So I'm only at like 70 emblems now, and last night, and the Ice-Reinforced Vrykul Helm drops! Clear upgrade, and great itemization, but it leaves me in a bit of a quandary...

I really was hoping to get the helm, so I could run with 2 pieces of tier 9 and 2 pieces of tier 10. The T9-2 and T10-2 set bonuses have great synergy, and the helm and gloves are the best pieces, stat-wise, if you're only going to pick 2 pieces; the legs and gloves have horrible stats for a resto shaman, and the chest is nice, but the cloth non-tier emblem chest is MUCH better.

So do I:
  • Stick with the plan?
    I'll just keep this helm as an intermediate until I get 25 more emblems or so?

  • Change up the plan?
    The only other tier piece I could get is the chest really, which would break my t9 set bonus. This is something I'd have to do eventually I guess, although a lot of shaman on EJ are really hanging onto that set bonus.

  • Wait?
    Do I just hold off on acquiring 2 pieces of tier, and use my frost emblems in other slots that are sure-things? This would be the belt, and cloak.

Still haven't decided, but I gotta make a decision this week I guess... I guess I shouldn't complain- upgrades are always a good thing ;)


Anonymous said...

stick to the plan and buy the helm. t9 2pc is ~200 hep, and the t9 4pc is ~400 hep.
it's not worth giving those up for that helm and i think you are right, the other pieces are itemized horribly.

I would probably not even gem/enchant that helm, if you only need 25 more frost badges to get the t10, that's less than a week, if you can do your daily/weekly and some raid content (6 badges).

Anonymous said...

err meant t10 4pc was ~400 hep

Anonymous said...

that's t10 2pc, l2proofread

Zigi said...

I ended up gemming the helm anyway. I'm pretty flush with cash lately and I'm not really spending it on anything, so it's not really a big concern.

Also, once I get my t10 helm, I can change the meta gem in this one and use it for my ele set. Even with the mp5 on it, it's still stat-wise better than the helm I use in my ele set.

Blauhung said...

I'm in the same boat with the same helm. I went ahead and got myself a new cape as I've had crappy luck with drops so I was still using an ilvl 200 blue cape. I've been very pleased with my upgrade, but now i've got another 60 something frost to go.

Elkagorasa said...


I am with you on that. I love the Meteor Chaser's Raiment (for my lock), but the t10.25 piece is so much better. Do I hold out hopes that I might get a santified token for my piece or get the one-time upgrade and run with it. I am already running only 3 of my t9 pieces (after replacing my shoulders with the T10 replacement).