Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Showing WoW achievements in Blogger

The first thing I noticed when I started this blog was that all the wordpress dudes had awesome achievement feeds on their blog, and generally the blogger implementations were a little hack-y. Given that the armory is XML and the achievements are all accessible through that, I figured that it wouldn't be that hard to put together a Yahoo! Pipe that shredded the data and made it a nice little RSS feed. You're welcome to copy or use the Yahoo Pipe that I put together however you like, and here are a few suggestions on how to display it on your blogger blog.

  1. Go to Yahoo Pipes!
    You can roll your own if you're comfortable with XML and Pipes, or you can just use the one I set up here. Feel free to copy it if you want to make minor changes.

  2. Enter your data
    Server name, character name, like so:

  3. Select a display format
    You have 3 choices for displaying the format. The first and second are both Yahoo! Pipes embedded badge; which you can choose either the image format or the list format.

    For an example of a blogger blog that's using an image badge from this pipe, check out druidmain.

    If you want something without images, like what we have here in our sidebar, just pick the "RSS" output from the Yahoo Pipe, and copy that URL into the standard Google RSS badge.




Anonymous said...

Zigi can you delete the comment up above, lol anyway this is cool! i will try to check it out! thanks!

Fuubaar said...

Thank you so much for the Quick response...

Didn't know that it would become a post


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this -- wordpress.com users (as opposed to people who subscribe) don't have a nifty little widget that I've found that actually works.