Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hit & Run: New Emblem Gear

Not a lot of new stuff, but I thought I'd weigh in on some of the new gear.

New Emblem gear has been announced on the PTR. I always wonder how in-touch the devers are with the actual player community, but it is very nice to see that the itemization for the mail gear, for the most part, is very much in line with Resto and Ele prioritization. Other than that mp5 on the chestpiece, it is all very well itemized for the current Shaman HEP weights that are being thrown around at EJ.

REALLY like the new healer trinket too. It's a lot more interesting than the current badge one.


Vok said...

I haven't looked at the resto gear yet, please tell me there is a return to haste?

Zigi said...

YES! Other than the chestpiece, all the mail item seems itemized well for both resto and ele, in that there is almost no MP5, and tons of haste.

There is also a very well itemized cloth chestpiece with haste.

I don't know yet how easy the set pieces will be to acquire, but right now these emblem items are looking very nice.