Monday, November 9, 2009

Shaman T10: GHOST DEER?

OK, I know shammies have been bitching about having to wait to see our tier 10, but it was TOTALLY WORTH THE WAIT:

Druids may be wearing yogg-saron as a scarf, but I have DEER COMING OUT OF MY NECK. Shaman Win.



Yigi said...

I still like wearing yogg-saron better, sorry.

Zigi said...

Pshaw- druids only get to see their shoulders when they're logging or lagging.

Also, for shaman, I cannot tell you how excited I am to get to wear a skirt again! I did not level a caster for 80 levels to be shoehorned into PANTS.

Vok said...

I'm a little disapionted. I reall liked the T8. That being said, we've done better than most.

Anonymous said...

You haven't addressed the most important issue: show or hide helm?

Zigi said...

I need to see 2 things to make that call pink.

1) what does it look like from behind
2) what does it look like on a troll?

If it hides the tusks, it's a dealbreaker.