Monday, November 2, 2009

The fight where HPS is DPS

Hehe... Right after I soft-whined that healing becomes less fun as the raid gets more gear, I read about this new fight that just got tested on the PTR: Valithria Dreamwalker. This fight is backwards, in that you find an NPC that is at 50%, and your raid's healers have to heal that NPC before adds can take her down. They do a lot of nasty healing mortal-strike stacking debuffs too, so the adds have to be managed carefully.

Basically, they turn the tables- in normal fights, the dpsers do the measurable work while healers support them by keeping damage off them and healing them through the unavoidable damage. In this fight it's now up to the healers to get an NPC from 50% to 100% health, while the dpsers take on a support role, and manage the adds to let you do your job.

And the achievement for killing her quickly? Healbot.

I love blizz sometimes. Cannot WAIT to see this fight on live! I think I'll make a macro "/ra cna some1 link healing meterz plz?". Yep, I'm gonna be THAT GUY.



Yigi said...

teh healing meter is not a lie.
this fight looks like the best WotLK has to offer so far, at least to me. ICC, here we come!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for this fight! I know that Beacon of Light doesn't work on the fight, but it'll be exciting if bubbles will work on her.

Yigi said...

moarhps, are you sure that Beacon will not work, or can you just not put Beacon on her?
For example, could I beacon my tank and heal her and have the effect jump to my tank?
If not, this will be a really gimp fight for paladins

Fuubaar said...

Hello, this is sort of off topic but could you tell me where you got your WoW achievement widgets from?

I've been trying to find that for blogger and you're the first that I've seen with this.

Any answers would be greatly appreciated :)