Thursday, October 15, 2009

Welcome to the suck

Hi, I'm Zigi, and I'm a WoW player. I spend all my time talking about WoW with Yigi anyway, so I figured we'd start putting it down in a blog for posterity!

Here are some ideas I have to start the blog off, mostly lifted from other blogs that I like.

This is just a list of the kind of topics I normally chat about with Yigi, either in-game or offline.  I figure we'll probably cover topics like:

  • Raiding
  • Economy
  • Class balance
  • Roles
  • PVP
  • Theorycrafting
  • PTR experiences
  • Alts
  • Guild building
  • Interface
Organization and Layout
To make it easier to navigate, I hope to keep tagging posts with useful labels, like the class that they pertain to, or the game version if it's a theorycrafting or PTR post. For example, this post will be tagged with "introduction" cause it's a rough introduction, and "blog" because it's about the blog itself.

Features that I liked from other blogs that we should have are:
  • Wowhead mouseover links.  Does this work?   [Update: IT DOES WORK! SWEET.  All Credit goes to Arcane Blaster]

Not Yet Implemented
Things I want to put in eventually:
  • Achievement feeds for our mains
  • Sigs for our mains and our alts in the sidebar
Well, that's about it.  Next stop, content!

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