Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Fault, Your Fault: Tier 9 Edition

One of my favorite blog posts from a longstanding member of the healing blog community, Matticus, is his run down of fights in Ulduar.  Basically he breaks down analyzing the deaths in each fight, and assigning blame to either the healers or the guy who died.  Now, this is a little simplistic and fingerpointy, but it gets the point across well, so I thought I'd do my take on it for the newer round of content, ToC and Onyxia's Lair.

Northrend Beasts
If you died to:
  • Gormok's Fire Bomb - Your fault. Move out of fires, noob.
  • Gormok's Snobold – Raid dps's fault. They're supposed to get this off you, and it should be their highest priority.
  • Gormok's Staggering Stomp - If you're melee, probably our fault; Stomp isn't that much damage and it's not tough to keep the melee topped up on this fight.
  • Acidmaw's Paralytic Toxin – Your fault, you're supposed to get to the raid member with burning bile (I know some raids do this backwards, but it is not hard to get to the burning bile target if you act as soon as you get the debuff).
  • Acidic Spew and Dreadscale's Molten Spew– Again, your fault- this damage is avoidable if you're not the tank
  • Acidmaw's and Dreadscale's Slime Pool – Probably your fault, this is like standing in fires.
  • Acidmaw's and Dreadscale's Sweep– These two are generally unavoidable, so if you die to these it's our fault.
  • Dreadscale's Burning Bile – If you are the one debuffed by Burning Bile and you die to this, it's our fault, because you can't avoid this damage.  If you die from the aoe effect from other people, it's probably your fault.  Don't group up!
  • Icehowl's Arctic Breath and Whirl- Our fault. It's healers' main job on this fight to stay spread out around him so we don't all get iced at the same time.
  • Icehowl's Trample – Your fault.

Lord Jaraxxus
If you died to:

Faction Champions
Uhhh, probably our fault.  Let's skip this one.

Twin Val'kyr
There's very little healing required on this fight if everyone is on their game.  Only two real things a non-tank could be dying from on this fight and that would be:

If you died to:

I'm gonna make this simple and say:
And a special holiday edition:

Headless Horseman
Just kidding.  If you are a dpser dying on HH or a healer letting people die on HH this is probably not the post for you.


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