Friday, October 16, 2009

Someone set up us the blog

Another meta post about actually setting up the blog. I was trying to find a way to get one of those pretty "achievement" feeds that I see on other people's blogs. It looks like most of them are using hosted wordpress blogs with that add-on installed. I'm trying to get something together for blogger, and I feel like I'm close. As you can see on the sidebar right now I do have a shredded RSS feed from the armory that can be used however. Unfortunately it does not preserve the actual date and timestamp, so it is not really what I want. I also would eventually like to include the appropriate artwork or tooltip.

I've also found a few other bloggers on BlogAzeroth that are looking into solving the same problem, most notably Razorbax from Three Druid Noob.

Man, setting this blog up is almost as fun as actually playing WoW. Geez, I am more geeky than ever right now.


1 comment:

Razorbax said...

I like the RSS Achievements, did you get it working properly? Now you will have to post a how too!