Friday, December 11, 2009

Who gets your innervates?

Back when Innervate was spirit-based, you had basically 2 choices. You could give your innervate to a holy priest and let them go nutty with circle of healing (pre-nerf), or you could give it to an arcane mage and let them rack up the deeps. Now that innervate is based on the casting druid's base mana pool, any mana user (probably a healer) will benefit from it.

We got our first boss down in ICC10 last night, and I found myself getting all the innervates (from a resto and feral tank druid). Now, the funny thing is, I actually think my mana regen is pretty great right now compared to a while back. I got a usable mana regen trinket, and the new 3.3 gear has been mostly itemized for haste/mp5, so I've been able to pick up mp5 along with my delicious delicious haste.

Compared to the other healers, though, shaman have the fewest mana regen tricks. Other than mana tide totem (which affects all healers really), we live and die by our own mp5 and the mana we get back from critting a Improved Water Shield bubble. Pallies have Divine Plea/Divine Illumination, Priests have Shadowfiend/Hymn of Hope/Inner Focus, Druids just don't seem to have that bad mana usage, and our resto druid is glyphed so that her innervate gives her mana back too. Right now our mage is trying out a frost spec to see how the 3.3 changes affected him, so that's not really a valid option either.

So this shaman is sitting on mountains of mana, chain healing his ass off. Woo!


Miss Medicina said...

You know, I thought that's how innervate worked as well, until a reader corrected my error. Innervate is not affected by how much intellect you stack - it always returns the same mana.

"Causes the target to regenerate mana equal to 225% of the casting Druid's base mana pool over 10 sec."

The two key components there are the casting druid, and base mana. Nothing the druid stacks will affect their base mana, so nowadays, it affects all mana users the same in terms of how much mana they get.

That also means it doesn't stack with things like Replenishment or Hymn of Hope. It's always the same amount, no matter which druid casts it, no matter who receives it.

InfoMofo said...

Right sorry, I realized that right after I posted it.

Either way, the change means that it's suitable for all mana users now, not just spirit casters. I'm just curious if other raids are like ours, or if there's a better target we should be nerving.

Miss Medicina said...


all ur innervates r belong 2me

Zigi said...

whoops, posted with the wrong profile.

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