Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Emblem of Frost Pull List

So lootrank isn't showing emblems of frost items yet, so I've plugged my latest HEP stat weights into a wowhead filter to plan what items I should save badges for. I've gone over my HEP-based loot selection methodology, and I generally try to get the highest HEP per Badge item, unless there are oustanding considerations.

Keep in mind that I'm in a group that does 10 man casual raids, so I'm not really expecting to have access to 10 man heroic loot that early, or 25 man loot.

Emblem of Frost Upgrades
ItemUpgrade fromCostHEP gainHEP per badgeEasy Alternatives
Drape of the Violet Tower (49.09)Shawl of the Caretaker (35.79)5013.30.266Flowing Sapphiron Drape (45.35)
I've had really bad luck with cloak upgrades in Ony and ToC. This would be a big upgrade for me, but if there's a chance I'll be running some legacy raids, There are intermediate upgrades that would make this slot less of a priority for me.
Meteor Chaser's Raiment (120.05)Thrall's Tunic of Conquest (86.78)9533.270.350Frost Witch's Tunic (101.04)
I'm still unclear on exactly what the purchasing method for tier 10 with emblems of frost will be. Regardless, the Meteor Chaser chest piece is a huge ugprade over the base level tier 10 chest. It is MUCH better than the mail piece, which has no haste on it.
Gloves of False Gestures (86.65)Looming Shadow Wraps (62.64)6024.010.400
The cloth gloves are a touch better than the mail ones, due to the increased haste and the usable socket bonus. No real easy alternative glove upgrades without going into 25 man raids.
Waistband of Despair (85.58)Icehowl Binding (56.76)6038.820.647Cord of the Patronizing Practitioner (69.53)
The belt is a huge upgrade from what I already had. There is a potential upgrade from 10 man Marrowgar, BUT it is cloth and it has spirit on it, so it would probably be a while until I was allowed to roll on it.
Totem of Surging Seas (255)Totem of Calming Tides (234)30210.700
The totem upgrade is basically a flat 21 spellpower upgrade. Not that sexy, but easily the cheapest and most effective badge purchase.
Purified Lunar Dust (216.232)Eye of the Broodmother (195.296)6020.9360.349
The trinket proc was modeled to be 76 mp5. While it would be a fair upgrade, trinkets are very situational, and I would be swapping this one out for fights that I'm not mana constrained on. Not a high priority for me yet.

I still don't understand how the iLevel 251 tier 10 gear is purchased with emblems of frost, and this data doesn't seem to be on wowhead or mmo-champion right now. If someone knows, please give me a heads up. Obviously those numbers would change all my badge priorities going forward, but until I figure that out, my upgrade priorities based on these numbers are probably:

Totem, Waist, Gloves, Cloak. The Trinket is a situational sidegrade, and the chest is nice, but blocks a possible tier bonus which I'm hoping to get at least 2 pieces of as soon as possible.


Rilandune said...

Great write-up Zigi, I loved the format in which you laid out the pieces, their upgrade value, and their points values. Very nicely done!

My understanding at this time is that the upgraded pieces for t10 will be purchased by first purchasing the base piece, and then converting it up by having a trophy drop from within the 10/25man raids.

You first have to purchase the base piece, and then upgrade that with your drop trophy.



Zigi said...

Yeah I finally checked out the gear vendors in ICC last night. It doesn't really change much of the existing priorities, but I'll make another post including the tier gear today or tomorrow.

I don't use tables much on the blog, but they came in handy today- I need to add some CSS to get them a little nicer formatted, but yeah I'm hoping to be able to use a template like this for gear comparison more often.

Rilandune said...

Honestly I rather liked the lack of framing for the formatting. It was refreshing to say the least because it still presented well without the boxes.

Zigi said...

But boxes are kinda my thing!

Restyled the table, tried to keep it pretty minimal still.

Rilandune said...

Very, very good point :) Boxes are your thing, run with the boxes! The minimal layout looks fantastic

schilten said...

I will get the shiny shoulders because they look cool. Please don't tell my raid leader.

xoxo drug

P.S. Can I please comment with name/url? This google account and OpenID thingy is annoying.

Zigi said...

schilten, I'll try changing the comment settings on my blog to allow Name/URL.